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The Centre for Learning Impact helps organizations monitor, measure, and maximize the impact of their learning investments.

This is the home of High Impact Evaluation™.

We view learning effectiveness as the bedrock of the successful learning organization.

Our goal is to give organizations the expertise, models and tools to evaluate training effectiveness and drive performance and bottom line results.

That’s why we developed High Impact Evaluation™ (HIE) — a new, predictive and proactive learning evaluation methodology and toolset created to help organizations ensure their learning strategy and programs achieve maximum impact and value for money.

Our goal is to make things better—to enhance learning’s impact, improve performance, and ensure value for money.


What our Clients Say

For more than a decade and I have been consistently impressed by CFLI’s expertise, quality deliverables, and overall professionalism. – TC Haldi, Senior Director

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

We’ve been trying to establish global consistency with respect to evaluation for over 10 years, and this was the model that did it for us. It was actually a very painless journey to agree on the High Impact Evaluation model as our global standard. – Linda White, Vice President, Global Learning & Development


Congratulations again on your innovative and leading approach to evaluation
Your methodology gave us the solid evidence base to truly demonstrate our value to senior client leadership. The result was the successful national growth of our business of improving sustainable improved safety performance in healthcare.


Perhaps the biggest advantage of HIE is the solid foundation it provides for getting buy-in from senior management. This is something that has been missing. Not only does this model help us win the war on meaningless evaluation, it aids us in the creation of results-driven products and initiatives and ultimately lends credibility to our profession. – Darcie Clark, Training & Development Lead

Ontario Government

Thank you and your team for all your hard work and dedication on this project. Our sales team is very excited that we did such a thorough review of the assessments, and we’ve received nothing but positive feedback. With your help, we’ve made Harvard ManageMentor even better.

Harvard Business Publishing

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