High Impact Evaluation

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High Impact Evaluation

A proactive learning evaluation model and toolset to maximize performance, value for money, and return on investment (ROI)

High Impact Evaluation is a game-changing evaluation model created, not just to measure training, but to drive performance outcomes. It infuses the instructional design process (ADDIE) with business and organizational results-based thinking.

High Impact EvaluationTM is an integrated model and toolkit developed to help organizations ensure impact of programs under development. It can also be used to assess and improve impact and value for money of critical training and development initiatives currently deployed in the organization.

A singular advantage of High Impact Evaluation is that it is the only training evaluation model based on rigorous, systematic field research in real-world, workplace settings. It is the product of an intensive, five-year Canadian research effort, (Investing in People).

The High Impact EvaluationTM system has been created to help organizations…

  • Create a crystal-clear sightline between training goals and desired performance (Impact Mapping)
  • Assess critical risks to impact and fix them—before program launch
  • Adopt robust new tools to standardize evaluation, assess progress, and benchmark results

  • Select the right metrics (leading indicators) to forecast learning transfer, business impact and ROI

  • Exploit evaluation feedback to make mid-course corrections and drive optimal outcomes

  • Use compelling, executive-friendly visual reports for senior stakeholders—‘results-at-a-glance’

Evaluation Tools

Our model and tools—used independently or as part of an integrated system—include:

  • The Learning Value ChainTM: a new evidence-based evaluation framework to measure, monitor, and deliver actionable results

  • Impact Mapping: a critical tool to align training with critical organizational outcomes and business results

  • Quality Assurance: The Gillis QA Tool is another proprietary tool to help organizations forecast outcomes and ‘red flag’ potentially serious risks to impact at the earliest stages—even during conceptualization and design

  • Capability and TransferInstruments: New diagnostic End-of-Course and Transfer toolsets to measure learning effectiveness and ‘forecast’ potential impact on job performance and organizational results

  • Impact Profiles: Capability and Transfer Indices—result-at-a-glance dashboards to quickly and clearly communicate big-picture results to all stakeholders

  • Business Impact and ROI Analysis to quantify bottom line impact and value for money