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Business Impact Mapping

  • Align Learning & HRD to Business Outcomes & ROI
  • Ensure Training Drives Bottom-Line Results

Business Impact MappingTM is a decision-support tool that helps your teams develop are results-focused culture. Impact Mapping is designed to help ensure learning and HRD initiatives are aligned to business outcomes and mission-critical goals.

Impact mapping has help such clients as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Canada Revenue Agency, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Canada Mortgage and Housing ensure their learning investments are laser focused on results that matter.

Specifically, Business Impact MappingTM will help your teams…

  • Adopt results-focused thinking
  • Identify and clarify the ultimate goal(s) of HRD and training initiatives
  • Adopt a common terminology for collaborative planning
  • Employ the Learning Value Chain™, a simple, but clarifying framework that envisions learning/HRD initiatives as triggering a chain of critical outcomes successively improving Capability, Job Performance, Business Impact, and ROI
  • Identify learning, transfer, and organizational outcomes
  • Identify, understand, and agree upon the key business measures and mission-critical goals.
  • Create Impact Maps to align learning, HRD, and change Initiatives with bottom-line results

“Strategic alignment of learning to an organization’s highest priority goals is the single most important action decision-makers can take to improve effectiveness and contribute to an organization’s success.”

David Vance Ph.D.

Former Chief Economist & Chief Learning

Officer, Caterpillar University