About Us

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The Centre’s mission is to develop and share industry-leading learning evaluation models and tools. The goal is to help clients measure impact of their learning investments and, importantly, to help them ensure value for money, job performance, business and organizational results, and ROI.

Our experts are internationally recognized leaders in learning theory, design, and evaluation. Under the leadership of Dr. Lynette Gillis, the Centre has developed High Impact EvaluationTM—a new evaluation model and toolset that advances our understanding of how best to measure, manage, and drive the impact of learning investments.

We have the fresh thinking and the tools…

High Impact EvaluationTM is an evidence-based, leading edge evaluation model. It’s a model shaped and validated in a five-year national evaluation research effort into what works and what doesn’t. The outcome is a results-focused, field-tested evaluation model is supported by powerful new tools to help you enhance the impact of your programs or enterprise learning portfolio.