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Business Impact Mapping

Develop the expertise to align training with business strategy.

Align Learning & HRD to Business Outcomes & ROI

  • Ensure Training Drives bottom-Line Results
  • Promote Results-Focused Thinking!

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Objectives: You will learn to……

  • Adopt results-focused thinking
  • Identify and clarify the ultimate goal(s) of training initiatives
  • Adopt a common terminology for collaborative planning
  • Employ the Learning Value Chain™–a simple, clarifying framework that envisions learning/HRD initiatives as triggering a chain of critical outcomes successively improving Capability, Job Performance, Business Impact, and ROI
  • Identify Learning, Job Performance, and Organizational outcomes
  • Create Impact Maps to align learning, HRD, and change Initiatives with bottom-line results
Top Reasons for using Business Impact MappingTM…

  • Encourages a culture-wide focus on results
  • Ensures training and HRD are aligned to critical business outcomes
  • Creates a shared understanding and improves communication betweenall stakeholders
  • Focuses design and implementation on priority outcomes
  • Enhances job performance, business impact, and value for money
  • Creates blueprints for success—giving all stakeholders a common alignment roadmap to guide major change initiatives, enterprise learning, and HRD programs
  • Lays the foundation for effective, more meaningful evaluation

Business Impact Mapping is a critical element of the new High Impact Evaluation (HIE) model. HIE is a ground-breaking training evaluation approach developed in the course of a three-year, national training effectiveness research project. Conducted in partnership with the Canadian Society for Training & Development and the Government of Canada, the research goal was to develop tools to help firms improve the impact of their training and drive job performance, productivity, and bottom-line results.

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